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Ldap interface that does not require hours or days to learn. It is so easy that anyone can become ldap administrators in matter of seconds.

  • Users can login and update their contact information. Including passwords.
  • Users can search others contact information.
  • Unix system accounts.
  • Support for mailing lists and unix groups.
  • All users in specific group are members of that mailing list and unix group.
  • Special 'everyone' mail group where mail will be delivered for every user in ldap.
  • Support for per user mail alias which is created if work mail mailbox is different from user ID.
  • User private groups.
  • Samba support.
  • Lite and fast.

intraPerson designed to be most secure web interface with its unique architecture. Please read introduction for its architecture in docs section.

For more support subscribe to intraPerson mailing list. Once subscribed mails can be posted to intraperson-software@lists.sourceforge.net


intraPerson alpha release can be downloaded from here.



Sat Dec 11 20:47:26 IST 2004Released 0.60 version. Major rewrite of previous version. Now intraperson based on new and very robust architecture But at the same time interface remained same. For more details check introduction article in docs.

Contact: info (at) vertilex (dot) ae for the domain as I am a big fan of Intra Person - re-published by Web Design Dubai

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